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Normanton and Featherstone Neighbourhood Policing Team are your local police, and are based in Normanton, West Yorkshire.

They are a group of dedicated officers, who under the supervision of Inspector Lisa Kirkland are there to support and help you in both emergency and non emergency situations.

In 2012 the team are hoping to hold various events throughout the area. Bicycle stamping events, where you can have yours stamped, photographed and logged, so in the unfortunate event of you getting yours stolen this could lead to it being recovered more quickly.

They aim to hold days when officers will be available for you to speak to on a one to one basis, these will be advertised on this site and on their main site which is available from the link at the bottom of this page.

Your next Altofts PACT meeting, to be held at the OAP Centre on Church Road will be on Wednesday the 20th of February 2013 and will start at 6.00 pm. Sergeant Kristy Lindley looks forward to seeing you there.

Your next Normanton PACT meeting for Normanton, to be held at Noah's Ark on Queen Street is on Tuesday the 28th of February 2013 and will start at 6.30 pm. Police Sergeant Pete Roberts looks forward to seeing you there.

Normanton & Featherstone NPT look forward to seeing you at the next meetings, where you can have a say on what matters to you and help you  to shape the community that you live in.

Please put the above dates in your diary


Contrary to rumour, Normanton Market is open for business and is here to stay, according to traders in the town.

Traders today came out in force to let you know that although the economic climate may not be very good at the moment, that they as traders at Normanton are committed to offering a service to visitors that is second to none.

The market is the heart of any town and as such should be preserved, be it here in Normanton or anywhere else. 

Normanton market brings people in to the town from other areas, not just from the Wakefield district, but as evidence suggests from much further afield, which can only be good for the local economy, which benefits everyone.

Despite the cuts a new community group is preparing to save Altofts Library on Church Road, from closure.

Members of this group are arranging a meeting in the near future to discuss their plans. Members are consulting with an advisory group which is looking in to options to secure the facilities and services of this much valued resource, and are looking for your support.

We will update this section once we receive further news.

As part of our services are putting together a free training program which will offer individuals within our community a chance to learn new computer skills, or build on existing ones.

Initially the program will focus on the unemployed and people of retirement age, who either want to learn new skills or to brush up on existing ones.

Although the program will primarily be an understanding of basic computer use, this will not prevent us from offering instruction on more advanced techniques, if this becomes a requirement.

More and more jobs now require people with at least some basic computer skills, but we believe it is not just the skills that are important, but the confidence to use these skills is equally important.

People of retirement age will benefit too, it will allow then to communicate in ways they would never have dreamed of, thus enabling them to be more active in society and to keep themselves up to date with ever changing new technology.

Can we deliver?

Good question, yes we can but we will need help with funding. What we need you to do is contact us with your request to take up this training so we can present it to would be funders.

We need to show that there is a need for this training, but without figures we will be unable to justify funding, so your contact is crucial.

Are you a potential funder?

If you are a local business, organisation or even an individual and would like to fund and be involved with this training then please get in touch via our contact details at the top of this page.

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Are you a community group? You will be able to tell visitors what you actually do and encourage other people to join you, the only limitation is your imagination.

Mr John Hodgkins, pictured above, said " I would like to take this opportunity to thank for giving me this opportunity to share my vast amount of pictures that I have built up over the years, that I have either photographed myself or acquired through other people".

" By becoming a member of this site I hope to bring enjoyment to others". A selection of John’s photographs can be seen on our photos page.

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Altofts Residents Together are a group of volunteers who were formed in 2004 and before long were actively holding meetings on a regular basis.

Over the years members have successfully acted on various issues to make their area a much safer and enjoyable place to live.

Members of the organisation meet regularly with their local police, local council and are in regular contact with Wakefield and District Housing so they can be prepared for any issues that may arise and tackle these issues before they become a major problem.

Although the name Altofts Residents Together implies that they only support people of Alofts, this is not the case, wherever you are please feel free to get involved.

Altofts Residents Together meet on a monthly basis to discuss issues that effect the quality of day to day life in the beautiful village of Altofts and surrounding areas

There here to make a difference, you can do so too.

Their next meeting.will be held on Monday the 25th of March 2013 at The Lee Brigg Working Men's Club on St Mary's Road in Altofts, and will start at 7.30 pm.

Why not use this opportunity to get involved in your local community?

A little bit of your own free time can make so much difference, not just to you but to others too.

Altofts is a large village situated just a few miles outside the city of Wakefield, West Yorkshire, in the United Kingdom.

Its nearest town situated just south of the village is the historic town of Normanton, once renowned for its railways and coal mines, but like many towns has seen big changes in recent years. Altofts and Normanton are still renowned for their sense of community spirit and it is our intention to keep this tradition alive, this is where your involvement with this site is crucial.

If you have ties with, or were brought up in Altofts or Normanton why not get in touch with us and share your memories, you never know someone might recognise the self same memories and before long a quite interesting dialogue may come to fruition.

So get in touch with us through our contact page and leave the rest to us, you never know you might well be surprised.

Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 is a leading web authoring and editing software which provides both visual and code level capabilities for creating standard based websites and designs for desktops. With our week long course you will learn how to set up your website locally within the software, this is useful for testing purposes if you do not already own a domain or webspace.

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Take this site for instance, we have enabled it with an option for members to be able to create an account and update their own details with minimal intervention from the administrator.

Members can then update their own details from wherever they can gain access to the internet, and whenever they want, this can only be achieved though once the administrator has authorised the account.

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